John Phillips
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Student Pastor

John Phillips (aka JP) has over 18 years of experience influencing the hearts and lives of students from many different backgrounds in many different settings. He has a passion to see students impact a world much bigger than themselves. JP has served in several roles in both the local church and Student Events. JP completed his B.S. in Religious Studies at Liberty University, and is currently working towards a Master of Divinity through Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. JP has been a camp and conference speaker, and creative contributor to several churches, camps, schools and organizations over his years in student ministry. JP has a passion to see students, "get it." JP has a very unique way of teaching the Bible, making it very applicable and clear to students. JP’s passion is very contagious and his love for student ministry is obvious. JP has a driving passion to see the truth of God's word "stick" in the lives of Students. JP is a dynamic, vibrant, and gifted communicator who is passionate about challenging students to live lives that are as big as the God we serve.

JP is married to his incredibly beautiful and talented wife Kelly Phillips and together they are blessed to have one son, Blake Phillips. Please say a prayer for Kelly, she has to deal with JP and Blake, both of which are just alike! When JP is not hanging out with students, you will find him involved with music/Audio/Video stuff or on his bike riding trails. He also loves to ride with other friends on his harley! There are not many times you will find him sitting still not communicating to someone about student ministry or ministering to students themselves.